The 1 question test The 1 question test The 1 question test

The 1 question test

Our unique methodology is to conduct
one question test in the organisation,
which provides knowledge about the
quality of cooperation in teams and
between teams, gives tips to improve
processes and standards.

What are the advantages of using the IQ test?

The methodology of the 1 question test

is based on the assumption that communication is a key element in every company culture, helping in assessment of operation excellence of the whole company. From organisation's operation point of view of if the communication is insufficiently efficient, then we cannot speak about the efficiency of production, sales, overall organisation, service and logistic processes.

At the same time, if there are problems with the course of the above mentioned processes, then communication is also disturbed. The conclusion resulting from such view bring us to conclusion that communication and related processes are strongly connected. If one of them does not work well, then the other struggles as well.

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 Data analysis

Data analysis

... but the collected data usually does not directly indicate what the problem is, where and who or which department generates problems (risks)...

 HR departments

HR departments

Usually, HR departments have many extensive tests that examine communication processes that collect a huge amount and variety of data...



... There are a lot of meetings and debates and often there is no corrective action for many months.

Where did the idea for test 1 question come from?

Under the leadership of PhD Dariusz Tarczyński from the Institute of Non-invasive Personality Analysis, we have developed a program in which, with a single question/answer setup, we obtain complete information about any disruptions in communication among groups of people, departments as well employees. In the same time we are able to capture information about the quality and efficiency of organizational processes in the company.

As per gained experience it is pretty difficult for HR departments to gain an understanding of the tensions between employees or even departments and to catch the area that generates organizational problems within the company. Especially if the companies with 200+ employees.

Where did the idea for test 1 question come from? Where did the idea for test 1 question come from? Where did the idea for test 1 question come from?

What should you pay attention to?

First, the level of communication and disturbances in communication processes should be checked. Repairing the communication processes is the beginning of changes that will bring direct positive results for the company's development and prosperity. By determining the level of communication between employees and departments in the Company we are able to:
  • The number of employees who took part in the survey
  • Number of questionnaires conducted
  • List of employees who have been indicated as not cooperating with other people, although it is clear from the organizational structure that they should cooperate with each other
  • Average assessment of the level of communication in the whole company
  • Information on bottlenecks
  • Information on good interaction between departments and employees
  • Information on individual tensions between employees
  • Information on natural and informal leaders
  • Information about people who may generate problems, with whom communication is difficult
  • Information on non-assertive workers
  • General information on the assessment of individual departments
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What should you pay attention to? What should you pay attention to? What should you pay attention to?
What will you gain after the test?

By determining the level of communication between employees and departments in the Company we are able to:


IQ determine the overall level of communication in the Company and therefore the efficiency of the entire organisation

Correct errors
Correct errors

IQ allocate inflammatory factors, so called "bottlenecks" and find directions for repairing errors and making the places inhibiting the Company's development more accessible

Staff development
Staff development

IQ identifies the best people in the organisation whom further development is profitable investment


IQ identify unnecessary staff either train to improve human resources with improved communication methods

Where did the idea for 1 question test come from?

There have been many years full of conducted business talks

delivered workshops and trainings, all of what have given to me plenty of opportunities to monitor processes used within business organisations and commercial companies at various management levels. It has turned out that in every organisation either company, regardless of its size, industry or management specifics, the key element coupled with the efficiency of all processes taking place in it, is communication. This means that when problems appear in a company or it does not achieve the expected results, the basic activity should be the analysis of communication processes - from individual communication between employees to communication within teams and between departments as well as with company’s management.

The spectrum of knowledge that we gain in this way goes far beyond the area of ordinary, everyday communication. It is the starting point for selecting and applying corrective actions.

PhD Dariusz Tarczyński, CEO
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The one-question test provided surprisingly accurate information about the team and the role of its members, and read along with descriptions of individual items in the report gave the Board answers to many questions about relationships within the team. One question, dozens of answers.

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Renata Bem
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